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Founder's Profile

‘Have that ONE DREAM, when it turns into REALITY, it should change the direction of HUMANITY’,

This is the guiding principle of Sathyanarayana V R, the founder of Consumer World, and he has done full justice to it, in every sense of the word. The son of a tailor, and hailing from a middle class family of six, Sathyanarayana started a printing press which he closed after he suffered business losses. Having himself undergone the pain pangs of finding himself at the crossroads at a young age, Sathya understood the sentimentsof those wanted to come up in life, but lacked the opportunities and the means. He also observed that a select few have all the success and comforts of life, while millions struggled to eke out a living.

Determined to swim against this flow of social tide, Sathya established Consumer World in Jan 27, 1999 . His objective was to provide opportunities to those youth who had talent but who, for some reason did not believe in themselves or were struggling to find work. And since its inception, from theword go, Consumer World is grooming thousands of youth to script their own destinies. By training them on Sales & Marketing and providing them opportunities to own business, Consumer World is helping thousands of youth to learn and earn. Today, many believe that this organization startedby Sathya is an University of life. Youth who are part of this university are today standing tall as successful professionals, good citizens and as sensitive human beings.

Sathya is now married and blessed with two children. Yet, his family is much bigger than this. There are thousands of youth who consider him their role model, and who having been inspired by him, try to enrich the lives of those around them.


Empowering youth by enabling learning opportunities for professional and financial growth. Ensuring customer satisfaction with best quality products and service, also expanding across India through excellence.

Our culture

  • Win Win Principle
  • Short Term Hard work – Long Term Success
  • Do as I do, not as I say
  • Celebration is life
  • Achievement is rewarded and wrong will be corrected
  • Thanking heart will always receive in abundance
  • Being professional
  • We speak, listen and promote only positive